Start being a BAD ASS!

Hi there!

If you Google human performance you might end up with almost 24 million hits, varying from articles and books to consultancies and self-acclaimed gurus. So who am I to tell you what to do to get the best out of yourself, for the sake of the company or organization you work for but above all for yourself?

Let me start by telling you that I have no illusion that I have mind blowing insights for you or anything else that will rock your world. I’m not a visionary, not a guru, not even a real expert of anything. But over the past 25 years I have had the privilege to work with great people and behind the scenes of many large and smaller enterprises. I have trained and coached more than 10.000 professionals and for sure spent more than 10.000 hours on practicing and preaching human performance.

In this age of constant change and pressure, I simply want to lend you a hand. To provide an anchor, a compass or whatever metaphor you would like to use. Let’s say a guide through human performance. Based on the experience and insights that I’ve gained through the years, while working as a creative strategist, consultant, trainer and coach. And thanks to these great companies that trusted me to guide them through the Experience and Information Economy, now heading for the Purpose Society. But regardless all these beautiful buzzwords, and with Artificially Intelligent robots taking over our current jobs, at the end of the day it’s us who make the difference. You and I, simple human beings. Unpredictable, fragile but oh so powerful when it comes down to it.

Time for us to take a stand and drive the change, instead of being victims of the circumstance. Start being a BAD ASS. Good luck!


PS: Below the BAD ASS model by BLENDED®. Each element will be described in future blogpost, with tips & tools for implementation. Stay tuned!


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