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Incompany Courses

Enhancing the impact of human performance

Having BLENDED facilitate a training course in house has a number of benefits to your organisation; benefits that are both financial and practical. As an incompany training provider we help you…

  • Lower cost: It is often more cost effective to have courses delivered at venues of your choice rather than you and your staff having to travel to another site.
  • No need to worry about travel arrangements: As an in-house training company, we handle travel and accommodation issues rather than your staff, freeing them up to enjoy the course.
  • Customized Content: In order to make training relevant to your staff, we use examples and illustrations from your business sector and cut out the jargon to encourage easier learning. And during every form of human interaction our trainers and facilitators talk your language
  • Team building: The cost savings associated with in-house training usually mean that more of your staff can participate on a course, which in turn means that in-house courses can enjoy a positive atmosphere. In fact, engaging in training as a group and undertaking activities and discussions together can also serve as a team-building exercise, strengthening the bonds between your employees and improving morale.

The combination of all of the above means that your organisation can enjoy the maximum return on your training and development investment with BLENDED’s Incompany Courses.

Curious how we can create the perfect blend for your team or organization? Just contact us through form below and we get back to you in no time!

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