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Presenting with Impact

From preparation to performance

We’ve all been in tedious meetings during which the presenter monotonously described his or her project in such excruciating detail that, by the end of the meeting, you realize that you’d rather go to the dentist than to another presentation like it! Obviously, you want to be able to deliver excellent presentations. The good news is that it’s really not that hard to do: it all comes down to a commitment to planning and practice. This course will help you along the way, by explaining the three principles of great presentations.

The main premises for delivering a great presentation are 1) that you know who your audience is and what makes them tick  2) that you know how to design a powerful presentation or speech and 3) that you have effective presentation skills.

This course is a dynamic mix consisting of clear guidance and tools, short movies, interaction and of course practicing.

Topics are:

  • Body language
  • The use of your voice
  • Influencing an audience
  • Speaking secrets
  • The design of your presentation
  • Use of the stage
  • Interaction with the public

When you want yourself or the members of your team to become impactful speakers, this course is just what you need. After this course you will know how to speak with impact and influence, feel more self-confident and know how to make effective presentations.

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