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Stakeholder Management

How to effectively manage multiple stakeholders

Your boss and your clients are significant stakeholders. Others can include your team members, your suppliers, political organizations, your family, and so on – in fact, anyone who has a stake in your success or failure. Your stakeholders can clear your path to success when you treat them well. When you fail to consult them, ignore them, or take them for granted, however, they can put obstacles in your way.

Stakeholder management is the process that you use to identify the key stakeholders in your projects, and then win their support. Once you know who you need to get support from, you can develop a clear plan to make sure that you actually get it. This makes it much easier to achieve your objectives.

This BLENDED® course helps you to understand how to manage stakeholders and give you insights on:

  • Why stakeholder management is so important.
  • How to perform a stakeholder analysis.
  • How to devise an effective plan for communicating with stakeholders.

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to manage the stakeholders in your projects, so that you can keep them positively engaged with and supportive of your work.

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